Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Ultimate Basic Training Radio Show

Last Saturday I hosted he Ultimate Basic Training Radio Show. During this show I talked about the following...

1. What often happens when you don't make an appointment with a recruiter, and just pop into the recruiting station.

2. I talked about a rumor going around that you will be sent home from basic training if you fail your first PT test.

3. Lastly I went into more detail about an article I wrote for that talked about ways to work with the people you will be living with at basic training.

Enjoy the show and leave any comments or questions you have.


  1. where can this show be found? The link above doesn't work?
    I was interested in the answer to question #1.

  2. Hi. The Ultimate Basic Training Radio has stopped being produced in order to make time for a new Basic Training project in the works.
    However, to answer you question, here are the two most common things that happen when you show up at a recruiters office without an appointment.
    1. The recruiter you need to talk to is not there. Recruiters make a lot of appointments with people at schools their homes etc.
    2. The recruiter you need to talk to is there but is busy talking with someone already.
    3. The most important thing to keep in mind. You give the recruiter the impression that you are not serious about the military.
    Keep in mind that as of right now it is getting harder to join the military because of budget cuts. They still need men and women to join, but the standards are higher.

  3. Make that the 3 most common things that happen.