Saturday, May 19, 2012

Air Force Basic Training Fitness Standards

What are the Air Force fitness standards for basic training you ask?
Every military branch has height and weight requirements in order to join. Throughout the decades these requirements have changed from time to time. Over the past couple of years the Air Force has been tightening it’s belt on spending and in turn requiring it’s member to physically tighten their belts if they want to remain in the Air Force. The same is true for new recruits. In addition to the height and weight requirements, the Air Force now has an abdominal circumference requirement (they measure your waist) and a run time requirement before starting  basic training.
Here are the Pre-Basic Training standards that went into effect as of January 1st 2011.

1.5 mile run in 18:30
Abdominal Circumference no greater than 39 inches or Body Fat of 20%

1.5 mile run in 21:35
Abdominal Circumference no greater than 35.5 inches or Body Fat of 28%

Trainees failing to meet these requirements may be processed out of the Air Force. In the last year, I have personally witnessed two new recruits processed out of the Air Force right before their basic training ship date. One was not able to meet the minimum run time and the other could not get his waist under 39 inches. The best way to insure this does not happen to you is to take the time and start a fitness regimen before basic training. The Ultimate Air Force Basic Training Guidebook has a comprehensive fitness program designed specifically for those preparing for basic training.
Good luck at basic training!