Here are a few videos I have found where new Air Force recruits talk about
  The Ultimate Air Force Basic Training Guidebook.  

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This is the # 1 book for anyone joining the Air Force.

The first section of the book will guide you through the enlistment process, giving you the tools to know what and how to ask a recruiter the questions important to you.

After that, the book focuses on how you can successfully and easily prepare before leaving for basic training. This section includes everything from how to prepare financially while your away, to a detailed fitness program specifically designed for everyone joining the Air Force.

The last section of the book includes all the information you need know to survive and succeed while at Basic Training. There is a chapter dedicated to guiding you through the Gas Chamber, and other chapters that will take you through basic training week by week. These chapters not only explain what you can expect during training, but they offer you practical tips that will help you succeed during basic training.

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